Just Avail of a Professional Asphalt Stripping Service

Planning to do asphalt stripping work all on your own? Perhaps, you can find a lot of DIY videos on how to do it all on your own. And maybe, you got all the time to do it. But you don’t only need time to successfully complete an asphalt stripping job. Skills and expertise that can’t be learned overnight are necessary too. With that, it remains wise to just opt for a professional asphalt stripping service. If you insist on handling the job all on your own, here are common mistakes you might want to know about:

Improper Paint

Stripping a freshly paved parking lot? Perhaps, you are considering using oil-based paint. Once the solvents mix with the tar, the paint will likely discolor. You should apply a second coat of paint. Do this 30 days after the first one. The best way to get excellent results is by availing of a professional asphalt stripping service. Refrain from doing DIY jobs as it can lead to more inconvenience.

Failure to Check State Regulations

This is probably the worst thing that can happen to you. There are different regulations each state should follow. Failure to do this and you have already completed the DIY project can be a big problem. This is another important reason it is wise to just hire a professional asphalt stripping and sealcoating contractor for the job.

Wrong Line Stripper

You can find numerous options when looking for line strippers. Without adequate know-how, you can easily end up with the wrong tool. So before you start with the project, you should carefully assess the type of asphalt striping you need to do.

There is no reason to take the DIY route when it comes to asphalt stripping. You can just hire Striping and SealCoat Specialties LLC if it is a high-quality and budget-friendly service you are looking for. We are the asphalt and sealcoating contractor in Vancouver, WA that you can turn to for efficient services. You may call (503) 914-9837 for inquiries!