How to Perform Minor Asphalt Repair

Have you started to notice minor cracks in your Vancouver, WA asphalt driveway? Would you like to know a few simple asphalt repair tips? Then read on to learn more.

Cracked asphalt is often caused by soil that has eroded, freezing nights that are followed by warm days, or even tree roots. Manageable cracks, that are about 1/2 inch wide, are usually cosmetic. However given enough time, leaving these will allow water to penetrate the seal and damage the structure of the asphalt. When your driveway looks like a broken mirror, with numerous connected fissures, then our simple repair tips will not work. The only option will be the complete demolition and re-pouring of asphalt.

To repair minor cracks, you need to wait until the weather is dry and warm, as the malleable asphalt will stick better to the patch material. Most mixes advise application when the temperature above 60° F, once completed you will need to leave it for at least 2 days for the patch to cure.

To prepare the patch, which is often available in pre-mixed in tubs, similar to wall spackle. You will need a trowel, apply one coat of paste and make sure it goes deep into the crack. This could dry in a few hours, and it is often not necessary to reseal the entire surface.

Larger cracks will often need some sand to act as a base. Push the damp sand deep into any cracks which are around 1/2 inch wide. Bring the sand up to 1/4 inch to the top, after which you can use the patching compound as before with your wide trowel. Sometimes this is known as asphalt caulk or tar, remember to trowel the mixture flat. You should consider re-sealing the asphalt with an appropriate sealer once your patch has dried, as this stops any future cracks from occurring.

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