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Quality Asphalt Repair for the Longevity of Your Driveway

If you have an asphalt driveway, chances are you will encounter various problems with the pavement over the years. Being exposed to rain, wind, snow, ice, and heat, the surface may crack or form holes and other imperfections. Striping and SealCoat Specialties LLC is here to provide you with fast and high-quality asphalt repair services. We are a trustworthy company operating in Vancouver, WA.

What issues may occur in the first place? Alligator cracking is the most typical defect you can see. A multitude of large and small cracks cover the surface. It can be caused due to the insufficient thickness of the material during installation or poor drainage. Block cracking or linear cracking may appear as well. Transverse and edge cracking are other defects caused by improper installation and maintenance.

Our team pays close attention to every issue, and we choose the repair method according to the type of imperfections, their size, the local weather, and more. Patching, peeling & paving, and resurfacing are only some of them. When they are performed by our team of professionally-trained technicians, you will save yourself a lot of stress and money in the long run. Full asphalt replacement could be an expensive project, but when you contact our company as soon as you spot the first indications of damage, we will come to address any holes, cracks, and other defects enhancing the strength and stability of the pavement.

Our asphalt repair services are efficient because our team implements the latest methods after we inspect the whole area but before making any decision on the repair techniques. Throughout the inspection, we may suggest resurfacing, crack filling, or sealcoating to rectify all those eye-sore imperfections.

For any doubts about the stability of your asphalt pavement, you can call Striping and SealCoat Specialties LLC at (503) 914-9837. Our skilled and competent technicians will come to you in Vancouver, WA for an immediate checkup and repair. For any inquiries, you can talk to our team now.

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